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Our new project titled “Response” started 2 weeks ago and we have been working at The Aviary Centre as well as going into Abbey Hey Primary School. For this project we started in a similar way as last time and gave the group members and Pupils a set of questions. The questions were:


  • How would you descried the present are of Gorton? (People, community spirit, local amenities)
  • In your lifetime, how has Gorton changed?
  • What (if anything) does Gorton need to address?
  • What are Gorton’s strengths/weakness’s, what would you celebrate and value?
  • Name a colour that you think represents Gorton?


With these questionaires we formulated images to develop a design which will be reproduced on t-shirts. Here are some of the quotes from members and pupils:


“I remember all the old houses. I have seen parts of it redeveloped twice once in the 1970’s and again recently (in West Gorton)”

Maire Koudellas


“They need to stop the fly tipping and try to create a sense of community”

Margaret Painter


“A new sweet shop”

Liam Wood Abbey Hey Primary school


“It is good living around here because there are a lot of nice people”

Erin McDermott Abbey Hey Primary School


We would like to thank all the young people who were involved in this project, as well as Miss McCarroll and Abbey Hey Primary School for allowing and helping us to take this project to the young people of Gorton .

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Our “All That Matters” Project has come to an end. The project was all about what really matters and what is important to our group members, who then designed and printed a collage of images based on what matters to them. Thank you for all the work from the group members in creating this body of artwork.. The work is currently on display at Gorton Library until Tuesday 2nd May 2018.

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Finished the “All That Matters” project now and it has been a great success. This was a printing project based on things that matter to people. We asked the group members 5 questions and formulated images to what the member’s answers were. These were the questions we asked.

  1. What really matters to you?…….at this present time in your life.
  2. What surrounds you?….. your family, your friends, local surroundings.
  3. What do you value?…. sometimes it’s little things that matter more…. a personal possession , an object, something that has been handed down to you, a way of life.
  4. What do you look forward to?……….daily, weekly, long term.
  5. Name up to 4 colours that relate to all or some of the above.

After gathering images and creating a design, we transferred these on to lino and foam board and carved out the design. Using the colours from question 5 we inked up the boards and started printing. The results were fantastic and of a high quality. The thing that really stood out from this project is the individuality of each member’s print and the stories behind their answers. A thoroughly enjoyable project that was very successful.

I will leave you with a couple of quotes from the group members about the project.


“Seeing the design on paper after we rolled paint onto the Lino, it was like opening a Christmas present”

Rita Oakley


“Altogether a lot of different skills were learnt and used, on an enjoyable project”

Margaret Painter


“Really enjoyed doing this. My work means a lot (to me)”

Rose Harris


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