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Finally the 26 images of the Hyde Rd pubs are complete. 5 individual pieces of artwork made each image, that is 130 pieces of artwork by different local residents we engaged with this project, all colours used relate to the different Brewery Companies that supplied each pub.

“The group were very helpful, explaining what we had to do, and the class was fun, it helped to stop me feeling isolated in my flat.”

– Michael Teuton, Thomas Regan Court Resident.

“It was great to reminisce about the old pubs, so many long gone. They were places to go, laugh and chat with friends and neighbours….bring back the old local!!! Good to know you are trying to pass on what the local was. And meant to people.”

–Roy, Abbey Court Tower Block Resident.

Enjoy this trip down memory lane.


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We have started our new project “All that matters”, which is an individual print project. We asked the group members a series of questions about what matters to them. The questions we asked were:

  1. What really matters to you?…….at this present time in your life.
  2. What surrounds you?….. your family, your friends, local surroundings.
  3. What do you value?…. sometimes it’s little things that matter more…. a personal possession , an object, something that has been handed down to you, a way of life.
  4. What do you look forward to?……….daily, weekly, long term.
  5. Name up to 4 colours that relate to all or some of the above.

With this information we were able to find images of each individual answers and the members created a simple collage that will formulate the design of a linocut and will be printed. As you can see the project is well under way now (having spent 2 weeks already on it and the block will soon be ready for the fun bit, of printing the images and seeing what results we get.

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