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“Park Life” Project

Working on the final Batik piece, which was left in the capable hands of one of our group members, William.  The rest of the members were cutting out the lettering for the blankets, this is a tricky and time-consuming part of the project, which explains the quiet hum which reverberated around the room like a hive of bees. Sewing together the panels to create the blankets on their final part of the journey of celebrating local Gorton Parks and sharing the intergenerational memories of childhoods and how these parks have touched people’s lives. We also have been making a mosaic which will be situated on the Lodge building of Debdale park and will be able to be seen from Hyde Road and as you can see that is coming along together very nicely. Work, work, work and full steam ahead.


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” Park Life: Project

Pulling together the remainder of the blankets, with the Batik done with we concentrated on the embroidery and cutting the blanket panels to size this week, all ready for the final stage of sewing them together. We had the Crafty Sew and So’s here again this week lending us their expertise on the embroidered corner pieces. It has been really good to see the blankets come together as a visual celebration of Gorton parks. Also using quotes from the children of All Saints Primary School to create an art work with has a strong intergenerational element.

We would like to share a poem and a quote from some gathered material from a local poet and a member of the community.

“Republic of Mancunia”

“I was just a humble Gorton Boy

Played footy with my mates

With a gang of lads from Suttons

And the Ryder Brow Estates


Didn’t Matter if you were Muslim

or a Catholic or a Prod

Jewish, Polish, Irish

Or a Rocker or a Mod


Home Games were played on Mellands

And aways’ on Annie Lee’s

Walk back by Craig Road Chippy

For pie and mushy peas


Chester’s Mild came from “The Haxby”

Boddies Bitter, “Gorton Mount”

Joey Holt’s served in the “Waggon”

“Blue Belt” in Levvy doesn’t count


From Medlok to the Mersey

Ship Canal out to the sea

The Republic of Mancunia

Was a good grounding for me


The Republic of Mancunia

Just above Cheshire Plain

To the west it’s full of Scousers’

To the east the Pennine Chain


In a time that’s now forgotten

We built docks for our own ships

There was free trade, there was cotton

We liked gravy on our chips


From Medlok to the Mersey

Ship Canal out to the sea

The Republic of Mancunia

Great memories for me”

Daniel Dwyran


“Through out all the years of my adventures in “the park” I recall that there was a park keeper or “Parky” as we called them. I guess he was probably a shell shocked war veteran as he seldom ventured far from his hut attached to the summer shelter and the only time we attracted his attention was if we dared cross the railing onto the river banks lawns at the smarter strech of the river that housed the most splendid flower displays in the summer. I do recall being caught by him caving my name on one of the park benches, the very same bench that 32 or so years later I would sit with the love of my life, agonising over our future lives together.”

Alan Wallwork




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“Park Life” Project

All hands on deck for another busy day of hard graft at the Aviary. Getting into the flow now, things are starting to get like a production line at the Gorton Visual Art studio.  Members from the Crafty Sew and So’s came to the Aviary to show the group members how to cross-stitch the corner pieces, which they have been doing in collaboration with Gorton Visual Art on the picnic blankets. We would like to thank them for coming down and giving the members an opportunity to learn a new technique. Everything coming together, hopefully these pictures give you more of an insight into the making of the blankets from start to finish and all the time and hard work connected to them.

The Crafty Sew and So’s meet every Monday 10:00am – 1:30pm at Gorton Library and also Tuesdays 12:00pm – 4:00pm and Thursdays 10:00am – 1:30pm at Gorton Community Centre.



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We had a great event on Sunday, braving the rain. The worked looked fantastic and the 3 blankets that were on show attracted lots of interest from local people and even some from further a field.  It was great to have local people and different generations and even Chase the Ace from the Bellevue Aces, get involved in the Mosaic workshop, which will be a permanent fixture on the windows of the Lodge building in Debdale Park.  Thank you for all that got involved.

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