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The Christmas period over andĀ  the group members are moving on quickly to embroider the Manchester Log End dartboards .The dartboards are cut to size, and holes are drilled to the original format, each board takes over 2hrs to drill. Our task is to visually take the audience on a journey along the many past and present Hyde Rd Pubs using embroiled colours researched from the individual breweries corporate colours.We start at the top of the board related to Marston brewery colours that supply the Friendship Pub and work our down towards the City Centre.
Other group members are embroidering small Beer Mats painted using colours developed from studies of the various breweries that supply the Hyde Rd Pubs.
Knitted Beer Mat Towels are coming in thick and fast as many group members are taking them home to complete, this is a very challenging and demandingĀ  Project for all, but you can very easy witness the benefits and a strong sense of working together to achieve.Beer Mats 003Beer Mats 022Beer Mats 023Beer Mats 024Beer Mats 008Beer Mats 027Beer Mats 028Beer Mats 001Beer Mats 014Beer Mats 015Beer Mats 016

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