Another two project sessions delivered, last Friday we held a workshop session at Debdale Outdoor Centre.
Next door was Tai Chi class, the room we were in had electricians working on the ceiling, and the noise of wall drilling whilst new signage was being installed, but we ploughed ahead!!
Great response from the people who participated, some fabulous work, and great, positive feedback
“not painted for years, it was like a release, an opening up, I really enjoyed it “-Denise
“always wanted to do something like this, never had the confidence, thoroughly enjoyed it “– Alf
Today we were at Patrick Roddy Court {Sheltered Housing}, not many residents took part, but the group members made up for that, great to witness people enjoying the opportunity to let go and paint freely whilst enjoying some festive “mince pies”
“I enjoyed my drawing, I have enjoyed myself” …. perhaps Tri Chi as a rival?
Next Tuesday evening the 11th December we will be delivering another of these free, fun, and safe workshop sessions at Gorton Library – 5.30pm -7.30pm , so why not come along and join us and express yourselves, whilst enjoying some refreshments and of course “a festive mince pie”


Sun in the sky, wonderful turnout, the musical delights of a steel band, cups of tea and ……. cake!
A day to remember for sure!!
A huge thankyou to the young people from Abbey Hey Primary School for their provided steel band music, so many people gathered to listen to them play before Local Historian Frank Rhodes said a few words about the project and opened the Public Artwork to be enjoyed by so many people in the future.
In the background the group members [ like Victoria Woods Dinner Ladies} are preparing the refreshments back at the Aviary Community Rooms for all to enjoy.
The project as been a huge success in terms of sharing the valuable rich social history of the area with so many young people, to witness young people working together with older people has been the real pleasure.



Gorton Mill Project
For the last couple of weeks, we have been out and about, delivering the donated mosaic artworks panels to both Abbey Hey and All Saints Primary Schools, then setting up our informative project research material Exhibition in Gorton Library. It’s been wonderful, to meet so many people, engaged in our delivered project. Both schools have been very supportive, and the young people had a chance to celebrate the Artwork designed by themselves and the group members. So much exchanged dialogue between Gorton and Abbey Hey’s older and young people about the area’s valued social history, “when are you coming back? “was the cried at Abbey Hey Primary School, “can anyone join your group? ……. can we join? “,” hands up who would like to join Gorton Visual Arts?” said the teacher at All Saints Primary School, …every hand was raised in the class.
Well we must be something right!!!!

Our aim is to outreach to as many people as possible during our structured programme of 15 delivered workshops at different local venues, what a task, but we are now on our way, we’re on the road …. again , engaging people in poly tunnels to cosy warm buildings !!!!
3 completed and 12 to go!!!
Meeting so many new people and able to offer an opportunity to freely draw and paint a portrait of themselves, using only colours that reflect their personalities and the life that surrounds them. Great fun and much laughter with the Green Fingers Group in Debdale Park, Residents of Abbey Court Tower Block, and Levenshulme Inspires “Happy Monday’s group.
“When you are coming back” …was the shout at Abbey Court Tower Block!!!! …perhaps we are getting good at this!!
“Where’s crazy Freda?” …. The new name given to group member Freda by the Green Fingers Group.
“Wow, don’t they look colourful!! “…. said the members of the Happy Monday’s Group, when we put all the painted portrait up on the wall, side by side.
All portraits from the 15 different workshops will be photographed and printed onto PVC Banners to be fixed onto the railings of Debdale Park facing Hyde Road in 2019.

Doesn’t it look Grand!!!
After all the tedious work, our finished piece of Public Art is available for all to see.
Alongside our previous piece of work in the other bricked up window space, the Lodge Building wall facing Hyde Road in Debdale Park, has a new feature!!
This visual exterior piece of work, features –
• The Grimshaw family crest
• Gorton House in Debdale Park built by the Grimshaws around the late 1780’s early 1790’s.
• The burning down of Robert Grimshaws weaving factory, Knott Mill Manchester, in the year 1790. Having introduced Power looms in the mill, threatening the livelihoods of the local weavers, the mill was burnt down within weeks. Robert Grimshaw was made bankrupt and took his own life in a debtors Prison.
• The changing landscape during the Industrial Revolution here in Manchester.
• The working conditions of the Gorton Mills workers, many women due to the men working in the railways.
• John Rylands the leaseholder in 1845 concerns for education and his introduced of a School and Library for Gorton Mills young workforce.

We will be having a “Grand Opening” to celebrate the completion of Work on Monday the 26st
November 2018 at 1pm, the event will take place at the Lodge Building.


The pressure is on, as the deadline draws nearer by the day!!!!
Heads down, as we all wait for tea break !!!…. and an opportunity to come up for air!!!
Its times like these when the group all work as one to get the job done. there’s a real sense of ownership in the air.
“I’ve got a plan” said Baldrick …and ours is not sticking two pencils up your nose.
The Plan !!!
On Monday the 12th November we will visiting Abbey Hey Primary School to donate the Mosaic Artwork designed by the group members using only the colours from the winning designs completed and selected by Year 4.
All are welcome to attend our “Gorton Mill” project staged exhibition of all the research work and artwork designs at Gorton Library on Monday the 19th November at 2pm, refreshments will be provided.
On Wednesday the 21st November we will be visiting All Saints Primary School to donate the Mosaic Artwork designed by the group members using only the colours from the winning designs completed and selected by Year 4.
All Welcome to come along to “the Grand Opening “of the “Gorton Mill “Public Mosaic Artwork to be permanently featured on The Lodge Building in Debdale Park facing Hyde Road. This will happen on Monday the 26st November at 1pm at the Lodge Building {near the Main Gates to the Park} , and hopefully we will be able to offer you some light refreshment’s …….Wow !!!!