And what a session !!, tea , sing songs and chocolate’s handed around .
As everything comes to a close , we would like to share with you our project entitled “alone no more ” which seems appropriate as we all isolate to consider ourselves and most importantly others.

During the last 2 weeks , we have loved doing these self portraits, and the results are fantastic as always.

Well done everyone !!!

We will continue to contact the group members over the coming weeks, months and perhaps develop some creative opportunities for everyone to participate at home.


Our last workshop (for this project) at The Oasis Centre in Gorton. It was great to see familiar faces again and new faces getting involved with this project. Your time and effort has been top notch. We would like to share with you some of the feedback we got without saying any names. ” It’s been a good experience learning the skill” “Enjoyed myself. Enjoyed the painting” ” I don’t concentrate on many projects, but I’ve enjoyed doing this with the group”
Great work and we will hope to showcase this work when the project comes to an end. Pleasure working with the Oasis Centre as ever. Thank you.





Continuing our project “Alone No More” making stamp designs. Started the workshop with a drawing exercise using putty rubbers to draw into smudged charcoal. The stamps are looking fantastic and very, very colourful.

For the next 6 Mondays we are delivering workshops at Gorton library. Great to see new faces get involved with the projects. We are making large postage stamp designs that tell a story of where they are from. Great work yet again and a little more freedom with the designs too. We love watching people’s approach painting their designs in different ways. You really see the individuality come out.

Our last session at Thomas Regan Court but the project rolls on. Thank you for everyone that was involved. We love coming here and working with the residents. Always smiles, lots of laughs and lots of cake………… Oh and art yes, Lots of art being made. Smashed it again.

Back again at Thomas Regan for the 2nd session of our “So We Finally Meet” project. The working coming together and a few have now started putting the lettering on to transform them into street signs (using the surname of the person and adding road, avenue or close etc). They are looking really great and will look amazing altogether when they are finished. By the end of this project we are going to have more street signs than Manchester City Council haha.

“So Ere We Are” Project at Levenshulme inspire. Really busy but an absolute pleasure as always. The prints are related to buildings that hold significant importance to people. Great work yet again.