The pressure is on, as the deadline draws nearer by the day!!!!
Heads down, as we all wait for tea break !!!…. and an opportunity to come up for air!!!
Its times like these when the group all work as one to get the job done. there’s a real sense of ownership in the air.
“I’ve got a plan” said Baldrick …and ours is not sticking two pencils up your nose.
The Plan !!!
On Monday the 12th November we will visiting Abbey Hey Primary School to donate the Mosaic Artwork designed by the group members using only the colours from the winning designs completed and selected by Year 4.
All are welcome to attend our “Gorton Mill” project staged exhibition of all the research work and artwork designs at Gorton Library on Monday the 19th November at 2pm, refreshments will be provided.
On Wednesday the 21st November we will be visiting All Saints Primary School to donate the Mosaic Artwork designed by the group members using only the colours from the winning designs completed and selected by Year 4.
All Welcome to come along to “the Grand Opening “of the “Gorton Mill “Public Mosaic Artwork to be permanently featured on The Lodge Building in Debdale Park facing Hyde Road. This will happen on Monday the 26st November at 1pm at the Lodge Building {near the Main Gates to the Park} , and hopefully we will be able to offer you some light refreshment’s …….Wow !!!!



Last week we were chosen to showcase elements of our work during a presentation of “Sharing the Best Practice “in the Grand Hall at the Whitworth Art Gallery.
The event titled “Age of Creativity Conference “was an exchange with a delegation of visitors from the Netherlands and others from around the country, looking closely at Engaging Older People in Arts and Culture.
Later we delivered a print making workshop to what seemed like 100 people, who were all able to take something they had produced, home with them.
I think its true to say…. we went down well!!! … much like the fantastic Curry we all received.

“Trouble at Mill !!!” this week Gorton Visual Arts took a trip to Styal Mill. We went with 2 small groups of year 4 students from All Saints and Abbey Hey Primary schools.   It was a fantastic experience walking round and seeing how the mill was run. They staff at the mill were great and we had displays of the machinery, as well as lots information about the working environment and lots of hands on things the children could get involved in. The children were brilliant and they enjoyed everything the mill had to offer. We had a smashing time and learnt a lot from the trip, the group members even go chauffeured to the coach on the top of the hill. Lots of smiles, questions and cups of tea, what more could you ask for. “toot” “toot” well that’s the bell, back to work haha.

Work work , busy busy , bang bang !! That’s us in a “nutshell “recently!!!!
Progress is slow, but sometimes take time, and our deadline is not far away …. Don’t panic Mr Mannering!!!
Week by week the group members are soldiering on with a collective effort to complete, bit by bit, piece by piece this Public Art Work that celebrates once again the rich social history of this area.
Soon we will be off on our research trips with young people from Abbey Hey and All Saints Primary Schools to the Science and Industry Museum and Styal Mill in Wilmslow.
The last few weeks have been demanding, so we decided to have a well-earned rest and enjoy a day out at the seaside !!! with “summer holiday “playing in the background the bus set off for Lytham St Anne’s, pots of Tea,  fish and Chips, ice cream and kite flying!!!!

Sometimes so little can mean so much!!!
Our 4 delivered sessions at Rainbow Haven, Abbey Hey and Thomas Regan Court have been a great success, 34 participants of all ages, a staged visual presence at both venues for all to share and discuss.
The edited Painted portraits have no attached names, so there’s a curiosity about them which increases attention and intrigue.
Collectively they are powerful and provide a coloured backdrop at both venues.
John a resident at Thomas Regan Court{ Retirement Housing} said “I like coming here and doing painting for myself and helping other people out a lot , and going back to my flat for tea”

This is our new Project titled “US”. We have taken this project out offering outreach sessions to the residents of Thomas Regan Court, Gorton and to many people at the Rainbow Haven Centre, Abbey Hey. All participants were were asked to draw a simple line drawing which was then sectioned off and enlarged on to canvas and board. Each person then picked colours that represented themselves or their personality to paint the final image and as you can see the effect of them is impressive and eye catching. Lovely to be working back at Thomas Regan and it has been a pleasure to work with Rainbow Haven too. Interesting to see how people see themselves and the colours that represent themselves.

Phew!!! ……and the heat is on, as we outreach and share our research material with the local community during this year’s Gorton Carnival yesterday.
Our studio was made freely open to all residents to come and chat about the once built Gorton Mills in Abbey Hey, or perhaps engage in some free printing/painting sessions while we inform the young and old about this treasured piece of Gorton’s social history.
We were overwhelmed with the numbers, but soldiered on, using a hairdryer to dry their work, yeah ….in this heat !!!!, to help them take something home of their visit.
Back in the studio today work began using the voted designs by the young people of All Saints and Abbey Hey Primary Schools. The creation of the mosaic artwork will eventually be donated to both schools for permanent display.
Bang, crack, Bang, crack and more tea drank, than a day at British Leyland!!
Full production ahead!!
End of the shift, and all “clocked out” and the cry is “looking forward to next week” from our 3 new members Irene, Paddy, and Tracy who joined us for the first time today.