Who doesn’t love a trip to the Seaside, and the multi designed beach huts sent in this week, help to keep that “sunny summer feel “!!
Beach Hut design 1 – Margaret’s watercolour study
Beach Hut design 2 – Margaret’s oil pastel study
Beach Hut design 3 –Susan’s busy “Happy Days, Sea, Sand, and Fun study
Beach Hut design 4 –Tanya’s Oil Pastel “Autumn Tree “study, just look at those little leaves falling to the ground.
Beach Hut design 5 –Tanya’s oil pastel “Reflected Full Moon on the Water” study, this is so atmospheric!

Up next is Freda’s very playful study of “Sunny Brow Park “…. check out the rocket in the top right-hand corner!……Up, Up, and Away!!

Mark sent us his study and notes for his long-awaited new Album titled “MANX”.
Mark is an incredibly talented musician, it’s great to see and get a small insight into how a musician puts things together.

Here is Simone’s designed “Pop Corn “box, to fill with treats, and sit down to watch her chosen film “Nightmare Before Christmas”.

Now for Susan’s “Fishing anyone?” and her “you have got to laugh “designed and Addressed Postcard, perhaps Mr and Mrs Dr Jekyll “will receive one next week!

And finally we finish this week with Tanya’s wonderfully designed postcards with added text, and her “fit for any occasion “designed outfit extended from her necklace !

That’s all Folks!!

We start off this week featuring Jeans landscape painting which is connected to her current written story entitled “The Enchanted Village “.

If you fancy a “fry up” made of clay, well Freda’s your answer!!.

Now for Freda’s clay baker, boy does that bread look heavy !!!,
Freda says the work is about “My first job at 15 was in a bakehouse in Cumbria and then at what is now Martin’s and it gets very hot in those places! Yes that bread does look too heavy for my poor little baker but she’s still happy, !!

Tanya has been busy, making her clay owls, and sent us to share with you, her work and  step by step process. “lovely BIG eyes !

And finally look at this beauty!! , Jean’s black pen drawing.

Delivering the last of our new participants art materials and activities, gave us an opportunity to deliver requested pieces of our beloved salvaged Beyer Peacock Public Art Mosaic. A chance to meet people and listen to their personal attachment to this very collective piece of community work. Got to say this was very emotional, the story about a granddaughter who wanted a small piece to remember her sadly passed away grandmother who worked on the project in West Gorton , she told us “ I will frame this “. We then visited a woman who wanted a piece for her mother who worked at Beyer Peacock, she told us she had witnessed local schools gathering outside the work on many occasions, the young people would then receive a valuable local social history lesson from their teachers from viewing and engaging with our work
Right, without further ado, let’s get down to showcasing this weeks work that has been sent to us.
First up are Marie and Pats “light up the day ” stained glass window designs!!

Next up is Tanya study of an owl and vase , Pats pencil study of her “favourite chair ” and Jacky’s pattern .

Oh we do love to be, beside the SEASIDE !!….The Beach Hut designs by Susan, Marie, and Jacky who says “when I was young, a man on a three wheeler bike with ice cream in a container at the front, used to go around the Seaside places shouting STOP ME AND BUY ONE !!, my work brings back memories of my time on holiday ……Wonderful Stuff !!

One of the our activities sent out to people, is to design a British Stamp, here is Susan’s step by step process to completing her 2 stamp designs.

And finally we finish with Susan’s Painted Gnome Pebble.





New developed activities are currently being sent out to 40 people within the Abbey Hey and Gorton areas and shared with Levenshulme Inspire who are helping another 60 people in the Levenshulme area.
The activities are – Activity 1 – entitled “Wish I was there!!” – we have asked people during this pandemic year, as many of us have put off a holiday or a day trip to Seaside, to consider what a trip to the coast offers so much, fresh air, the open space, fish and chips {fighting off the seagulls} ice cream and even flying a kite!
So, the activity is to design a Beach Hut, somewhere special, all theirs and very personal, painted and decorated how they like, for them to enjoy on those seaside trips.
We enclosed a printed template, for people to paint, collage, decorate however they want!!
Our Activity 2 – entitled “Postcard to anyone …out there!!”
We sent 2 printed sides of an enlarged postcard, Side 1 is to write to anyone out there, and tell them how they are, how they are feeling, and perhaps what they have experienced during these uncertain times .
Side 2 is for everyone to decorate whatever they like,
We also provided with an enlarged stamp template for people to design a stamp. This could be what they value, what they look forward to, what they have noticed more during this pandemic.

Right let’s get back to the best bit !!, your work that keeps steadily “rolling in !!”
Below you will find Freda’s “Clay choir!!”. her headless man as suddenly found his head !!! and this piece is titled “not headless man “ …….you have got to laugh !!!….not sure his wife is too pleased in the background !!!

And if you thought that was funny, here’s Jeans drawing of the white cliffs of Dover!, hope your enjoying these as much as us!!

And her wonderful painting of the same subject.

Freda’s other work below is titled “trees “and painted “village art”.

Now for Margaret’s pen drawings

Jacky’s study of a “vase of flowers”

And finally Jeans studies of “a few things” in her daughters garden !!

“Showtime !!”

Once again, the work keeps flooding in, which is such of a high standard.

Below you will see the showcased work of Marie, which is a credit to Marie’s talents!!

From her strained glass window design, fit for Westminster Abbey, to her still life studies and Queens head coin drawing .


Now for Peter, “simply wonderful and so fresh!!


This is the work of Tanya who has been so productive since only joining us last week!!


We asked everyone to consider doing a study of their favourite chair and here are Margaret’s and Marie’s studies……..think I could quite easily fall happily asleep in both !!

John’s been busy making his clay sculpture


“A vase of Flowers”- cut card study by Margaret …great colour choice.


Fancy a retreat to Caterina’s “dream house “? … I’m packing “me bags” already !!


I think everyone knows it’s been a dreadful week in terms of the current end of our Beyer Peacock Public Arts Mosaic Project and Pat has wrote a Poem.

Ode to Beyer Peacock

Once upon a time  in Gorton  locomotives were made

By a firm called Beyer Peacock,

Great pride was felt when far and wide their tracks were laid.

And so to remember, a mosaic was made

And their memories displayed

Each piece depicting work and unity by our Gorton Community.


But alas, the mosaic is no more, pulled down, lying fractured on the floor,

It shone so brightly, a vision to behold

How can this be, a beautiful sight to see, no more.


Pat Jackson 26.8.20.







Unfortunately, we were informed by a local resident a couple of days ago that after 10 years of being on display, our Beyer Peacock Public Mosaic Artwork has been pulled down and just thrown to the floor, without our knowledge.  We had no idea this was going to happen, no consultation otherwise we would have made sure it would have been saved and maybe moved to another location. It is a real shame as a lot of work went into this (over a year), also some of the people involved have sadly passed away now, the work was always an extended legacy for so many people. Like so many others who worked on this wonderful visual piece of the area’s social history, we are truly devastated  and saddened.

We have spoken with One Manchester to try and rectify the situation, they say they had no knowledge of this vandalism and have asked us to consider to reprice a replacement to be installed at another local location in the future ,  but the feeling of loss is huge and remains the same. The present uncertain climate due to the Covid pandemic will make it very difficult to once again engage so many residents in a reproduction of this fabulous and very powerful work.


We would like to celebrate the collective effort and hard work of the 95 local people that worked on these wonderful this visual piece 10 years ago, by asking you to consider celebrating with us their achievements and watch a short video film created by  film maker Kate Fox  about the project and the people who worked at Beyer Peacock. The film is fantastic, just click the link below.


What a diversity of work flooding in now !!, it is hard to know where to begin, so here goes!!
Wonderful stained-glass window designs using the sun, cone’s, kites, and decorative leaves, fit for Westminster Abbey.

Clay work featuring Freda’s “headless Man “, Freda’s says “ It did have a head but it wasn’t the right size for the body. It’s work in progress, I may finish it someday.” , the other clay work featured is the “Kath the clumsy giraffe” by Jean who says “she was not easy , 3 broken legs and a head fall , before I could finish , think next clay work will be small not tall”.

Jacky’s and Jeans very free and great quality of line studies feature next, wonderful!!

Next Margaret’s “2 metres away “study of your bedroom curtains ….so Matisse!!, and a study of her favourite chair -Mastermind springs to mind !!!

As the work from people keeps steadily “rolling in “, perhaps its time to inform the world where we are at the moment.
Art Materials and printed out developed activities have now been sent out to 35 people, we are also sending the activities we devise to Levenshulme Inspire who alongside delivering meals to 60 vulnerable people are also handing out our printed out activities.
We have come along way since dreaming up this idea in a shed !!, its worked and is helping so many people to remain active and maintain their health and wellbeing.
More activities are being developed at the moment by the Artists ready for printed out examples to once again go on their merry way to an ever increasing number of participants .
A special mention should go out to all the staff at Stalybridge Post Office who have helped so much, if fact when we arrive with all the art materials parcels , other customers are told to wait and our parcels take priority !!…Thank you
Below you find some of the submitted work this week…ENJOY !!

One of the Activities we asked people to consider doing, was to design a new edition of British Pound Coins, – Using Polystyrene printing technique

Our sent out printed notes and stage by stage instructions asked people to maybe include the fact that during these uncertain times we have had time to reflect and consider what is important to us personally, to the country, and perhaps even the world. You may have become more aware of what is around us. This could be something you value more or needs more attention maybe the “NHS “, the “black lives matter “campaign or the lack of equal opportunities and the need for equality amongst our country. This could the power of music, films and books which are an escape for many during this self-isolation period.

Below are images of Susan’s process to print and  Jeans prints , both have embraced the printing process ,wonderful!

Other work that keeps “rolling in , by Caterina, Jacky and Margaret !!” is so refreshing , we never know what to expect , which is just the way it should be !!




Our plan is to exhibit all the work {when that may be} within the area’s of Gorton , Abbey Hey and Levenshulme. Libraries, Cafes, doctors surgeries, you name it , will showcase this great work  completed  by people from these communities, shared with their communities .

The standard of completed work continually is of a high standard, non more than Marie’s submitted Collage still life.


Our set activity asking  people to design a strained glass window fit for Westminster Abbey, as had a great response, below you can see Freda’s designs .