Our 2 staged community “tea and Cake “events at Gorton Community Centre and Gorton Library have been a great success, well attended.
Tea and cake was provided, with music in the background we even had a few people dancing!!!
Up to 90 people attended both events.
All the 44 participants we have engaged in this “l’ll put the kettle on “project was able to take away the artwork and give each piece a special place in their homes!!
“Great idea to bring local people together. Lovely to see something tangible for the participants to take home, treasure and reflect on the process” …Kala
“very therapeutic. I enjoyed the project immensely, Thanks for the opportunity “…. Jack
“Learned to be relaxed and got my patience back , enjoyed every minute “ …..Frank


Don’t they look great!!
Tea Up!!,
Come and join us, enjoy some tea and cake and celebrate our project.
Tea will be served using the artwork.
Monday 7th October 2019, between 1 and 3:30 pm at Gorton Community Centre, Highmead Street, Gorton, Manchester, M18 8PE
Monday 14th October 2019, between 2:15 and 4:30 pm at Gorton Library, Garrett Way, Gorton, Manchester, M18 8HE
Hope you can make it!!!

Come and join us, enjoy some tea and cake and celebrate our “l’ll put the kettle on “project staged events.
All tea will be served using the Artwork {32 Hand Painted Tea Pots, and 43 Mug Cups} each piece visually tells and shares the story of 44 local people’s lives.
The project would like to acknowledge all the help and support received from Arc, Centre, Stockport.

All Fired Up !!!

Our teapots and mug cups are all prepared now, glazed and ready for firing using the kilns at Arc in Stockport.
A full day of preparation was needed, with some much-needed professional help from Rachel and Louise at Arc, who have been brilliant.
Tomorrow will be like Christmas Day when the first lot of Mugs and Teapots emerge from the Kiln finished in all their glory and ready for use during our planned Open Community Staged events at different Gorton and Abbey Hey community venues during October, can’t wait!!!

“Full House”

Our outreached sessions at Gorton Library have proved very popular, people of all ages are attending.
Much cake, biscuits, tea and coffee are consumed during the workshops, whilst in the background the sound of song continues from the many people from Gorton Community Choir.
The group members “the dinner ladies “are providing the refreshment from behind their hatch and encouraging others to visually tell their life stories on a hand painted tea pot or mug cup.
Wonderful atmosphere that make you want to “put the kettle on”!!!
Last session next Monday afternoon the 9th September 2.15pm-4.15pm in Room 2

Idea’s Pouring and Pouring out, for the constant decoration of many teapots and mugs.
After our very successfully outreaching the project to the residents of Thomas Regan Court, Sheltered Housing, we have spent the last few weeks working in our studio, but now we are off again!
3 sessions will be delivered at Gorton Library late August /early September, these are available to everyone and are FREE!!
Here are some of the feedback comments from our visit to Thomas Regan Court.
“I really enjoyed this project and it made many memories of the past come to the forefront for me. Good times ,great family memories ,skills that I was very pleased l could do. I decorated a teapot and Mug, which l will be pride of place in my flat “…..Resident -Mary Aston

What a response to our 3 outreached project sessions at Thomas Regan Court, not only are we engaging with the residents, residents from The North Road, Clayton sheltered housing centre have come along to take part in these opportunities.
The concentration is sky high, much laughter, tea drinking, and biscuits…. great fun.
Such a variety of different things hand painted from dancing at the Ritz, Blackpool tower, PG Tips tea, grandchildren, City and United football badges, seaside holidays, walks down the canal with a loved one, dogs, cats and flowers on the mug cups and teapots provided.
“had a lovely time, enjoyed doing painting, company was very nice and pleasant, loved every minute” said Sylvia
“met very nice and lovely people, Artists were very helpful and gave me plenty of help. Glad I came, hope to come again “ said Joyce
Next Monday is the last session and we will say our goodbyes, until we can offer more in the future.
I think perhaps a bit of offered cake will ease the sadness as we depart.